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Energise your New Year. Join in January and you’ll get the first two months free on all our Energise memberships. Energise memberships include swimming, the gym and all of our aerobic classes so they are a great way to give you a varied exercise routine and help you achieve your goals. Energise memberships available include;

  • Energise Standard
  • Energise 14-18 years and Student / NUS
  • Energise 60+
  • Energise Concession

Click here for a list of all membership prices.

Evergreen sessions continue to run for everyone aged 60+. Every session is just £2 and includes 2 x swims, 2 x classes and 2 x gym sessions per week. Please see page 2 of our General Leaflet for all session times.

Swimming Lessons are still enrolling new swimmers until Saturday 20th January so if you’d like to join please call Val on 01509 852956 or email val.byrne@carillionplc.com for more information.

Tennis coaching with ASC starting in February. We have teamed up with Nick and ASC to deliver tennis coaching for children aged 5+ on Sunday mornings. If you’re interested then please email Nick at acesportscoaching@yahoo.co.uk